Facebook ads and a referral program
is not a marketing strategy.


Did you know that 30% of startups fail because of poor marketing and even more from a general disconnect with their customers?  With over 600,000 businesses started per year in the US alone, better startup marketing would lead to hundreds of millions of dollars in value created by businesses that grow instead of die.


Many of these companies postponed marketing until the company was already going to market or waited to have money to invest in advertising and then never had that opportunity. Founders with finance, strategy or technology backgrounds tried to run marketing on their own through self-education and trial and error. While some find success, it costs them and their companies countless days and weeks that delay their evolution. Customers are not waiting. They are forming their opinions about your company and competitors now.


Monad provides marketing leadership for early and growth stage startups. Our approach brings a wide range of perspectives across marketing, social sciences, technology, research and business strategy which are vital in environments of uncertainty and innovation. We focus on developing customer-focused brands and growth.


.Save Time.

.Stop Wasting Money on Tactics.

.Accelerate Growth.


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-Magda Stenzel
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